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Timecrimes (2007)

Because I'm two days in the future right now, I thought I'd review a time travel film I saw recently.  Yes, it's Friday, April 3rd where I am.  I was worried about that virus/worm that was to strike on April 1st, so among my precautions, I moved the date of my computer up to April 2nd last night.  You know, April 3rd feels a lot like I would expect April 1st to feel. 

I saw Time Crimes about two and half weeks ago (a Saturday night) at the DFT (Detroit Film Theatre):

Cronocrímenes, Los (2007)  [Yes, it's in Spanish with subtitles --but surprisingly little dialog]

This film is an extremely low-budget film with only four characters and five actors, BUT it's the best time travel film I ever saw.  It involves a person, who without his permission, is sent 1 1/2 hours into the past --and it's the most internally-consistent time-travel film I've ever seen --and ingenious --and very weird.  Some reviews say the plot is confusing --it's not.  In fact, it's not the intricate plot that stays with you, but the premise that everything this person does --including some real crimes --were done without a choice.  His actions are not really choices, he does things --even criminal things --because he HAD ALREADY done them.  And except for a brief slow period in the beginning, it's among the most non-stop, fast-paced films I've seen --and that's amazing for a film without a budget.  It also has a sense of humor, even though that's secondary to the plot.  

I'd give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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